Shelby YMCA establishes endowment fund at Shelby Foundation

Farmer, soldier, and life-long Shelby resident, Paul Champion continues to help the Shelby community even after his death. The Paul D. Champion Fund of The Shelby Foundation has been a major source of support for many local organizations, and it is, once again, making a major impact in our community. At the fund representative’s request, [...]

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Tickets to Shelby Foundation’s annual fundraiser on sale now!

An Evening with The Shelby Foundation: For a Brighter Tomorrow is a fun, casual fundraising event on Saturday, September 21st to benefit the local community. Proceeds from the event will be invested back into the community through grants overseen by the Foundation. Last year alone, The Shelby Foundation awarded over $300,000 to worthy area nonprofit [...]

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Scholarship Funds at Shelby Foundation Reach Impressive Milestone

In just the last five years, graduating Shelby seniors have received over $365,400 in scholarship money from funds managed by The Shelby Foundation. “Few communities have their own community foundation, and even fewer see the amount of scholarships allocated to one particular school district. The resources supplied to Shelby’s graduating seniors is almost unheard of,” [...]

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Shelby Foundation announces new chair

Shelby resident and local business owner, Joseph Wechter, was named the new board chairperson of The Shelby Foundation at the last meeting on April 16th. Mr. Wechter has been with the Foundation since 2016 and has acted as its vice-chair since 2017.   Outgoing chairperson Cody Albert spent his two-year term focusing on large scale impact [...]

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Shelby Home and Public Health continues to impact Shelby

Even though Shelby Home and Public Health (SHPH) closed their doors in early 2018, the nonprofit agency is still impacting the people of Shelby. For almost a century, SHPH served local residents by providing a wide range of health care services at a minimum cost. SHPH’s good work did not go unnoticed, and they often [...]

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Wanda June Humphrey Nursing Scholarship Available

Wanda June Humphrey was a registered nurse who provided care to the community of Shelby for over 26 years. Always the visionary, she recognized the need for nurses to continually embrace life-long learning. The Wanda June Humphrey Nursing Scholarship was established to financially assist a registered nurse who is attending a higher learning institution to [...]

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Shelby Foundation awards $50,000 to local fire department

On Saturday, September 22nd, at The Shelby Foundation’s annual fundraiser, big money was made and big money was donated. This year’s fundraiser was extremely special because the Foundation made a substantial contribution to our local fire department’s new station. “When we award grants it is with impact in mind; so, by donating to the fire [...]

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Shelby Foundation commits $60,000 to economic development position

The Shelby Foundation Board approved a $60,000 commitment, payable over four years, to Shelby’s Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) to help fund an economic development position. Over the past two years, the CIC has concentrated its efforts on bolstering the economic vitality in the Shelby community.  The City contracted with the Montrose Group, an economic development [...]

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The Shelby Foundation awards $94,000 in scholarships to Shelby Seniors

On May 11th, Shelby Seniors were rewarded for their academic achievements during the annual recognition assembly. Because of the generosity of donors, $94,000 from 22 scholarship funds housed at The Shelby Foundation was awarded to worthy graduates. While each fund has its own criteria for candidate selection, most are based on academic merit, financial need, [...]

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