The mission of The Shelby Foundation is to build a legacy of community philanthropy by connecting generosity with community needs.

This is accomplished through a variety of means, including:

  • Partnering with others and being a catalyst for change
  • Fostering growth of community giving
  • Providing reliable stewardship to donors
  • Addressing needs through strategic grant-making and organizational support
  • Providing leadership on key community issues


The objectives of The Shelby Foundation include:

  • Assist other organization and groups to reach their goals
  • Expand education programs for youth and families
  • Enhance arts, culture and humanities
  • Support improved health and welfare services


The Shelby Foundation will be:

  • A Community pillar by providing leadership and support to Shelby
  • The recipient of enduring and substantial financial and volunteer support
  • An organization that provides opportunity by reaching out to our community


Collaboration – reduce duplication of effect and increase effectiveness by working together with donors, other funders, and community groups.

Accountability – strong leadership and governance, competent administration and dedicated volunteers, effective fiscal management, reliable stewardship and strategic grantmaking.

Responsiveness – monitoring of trends and impact of change, coupled with a proactive and innovative approach produces actions that meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Empowerment – we encourage actions to cultivate, nurture and sustain essential strength for individuals, and organizations in our community.